Baby Turtle Release in Bali

Baby Turtle Release in Bali with BSTS

By on July 28th, 2015

Baby Turtle Release in Bali is free, located in Kuta or Serangan, and is good educational and learning tool for your little ones. On 26 July, we had fun with baby turtle release in Bali, particularly with Bali Sea Turtle Society, and NGO protecting turtles and the habitat based in Bali, Indonesia. In this season, many baby turtle hatched and they almost have the release everyday, for around 200-300 baby turtles per day. For more information, you can find them on their FB page BSTS, I notice they response fast in their FB.


Baby Turtle Release in Bali

In Bali, you can do this educational activities with some NGO, in Kuta and Serangan. Mostly it’s free-entry, and they will make kids priority. The hatching, as far as I know, is quite seasonal. Make sure you check with them to know the estimate release date and time.

Some Turtle Facts

Before the release, they will reveal some facts about turtle, which one of the surprising fact is that: Only 1 turtle survive among 1000 turtles.

That’s why we should protect this endangered species, by some ways and another. One of the way we commonly make mistake is: DO NOT THROW PLASTIC AWAY IN THE SEA. This does not mean you can throw them anywhere in land, but please minimize the use of plastic, and waste it in the garbage bin. This is because turtles often mistakenly sea plastic as jelly fish which is their food, and this eventually can kill them :(


Watch Baby Turtles in Action


Now, how about you? Have you got the same experience? Or just want to pop up some questions? Feel free to comment below :)

XO, Diana


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