A Letter for Our Teenage #DearAriella
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A Letter for Our Teenage #DearAriella

August 27, 2016
PS: Please ignore all grammar mistakes here as all words of feelings just going through during the writing process :p

“Dear Ariella,

We wrote this letter if, just in case, we cannot remember any of this to let you know about these small stuffs that (hopefully) would make big difference on you. Through this letter, we want to let you know that, no matter what you do in the future, you have all the capabilities inside you, that will make a lot of differences, both for others and yourself.

Yesterday, we just got back home from our 5 days 4 nights road trip to East Java, and this trip to Baluran and Ijen Highland, has been a BIG MILESTONE for three of us. It was our first time to bring someone with us — well, a toddler to be exact (PS: they say something about Terrible Two?) — coming traveling with us in such an uncomfortable way. We hope, this family trip will give us better quality time, make us stronger as one, take you further in life, and make us all happier. In the future, you might have heard many different opinions about it, but we want you to know that it’s not that we don’t have that much money to pay our staying in the 5* hotel, but what we believe is that, this kind of experience is not something that money can buy. We’ll tell you why. 


Dear Ariella Being PositiveIn this trip, this is the first time for you to sit for such a long time in the carseat. But you are sooo excited! You want to do everything: take the boat (ferry), sleeping inside the tent, see the animals in the wild, everything that you don’t even know what they are! All you trust is us and your instinct, that it’s gonna be awesome. This is good, #DearAriella, to show such excitement instead of prejudice to what’s coming ahead. With such a positive energy, trust us, you’re gonna be okay although you might hear that the world is horrible place to live in.


Sleeping inside the tent

During 4-night-sleeps, we did not expect it would be this easy for us to make you comfortable. You don’t whine, you don’t cry to go back home, instead, you fall asleep very early each day in the tent (but wake up very early as well -.-“), with no a single complaint about the weather and sleep facilities. We know you must be very tired every day, but we believe that’s not the thing. However, being flexible and adaptive are very special, and you make such a great accomplishment on this. If you encounter something in your life that you just aren’t into, please remember that you’ve been through this phase.


Curious Mind

During our encounter with wild animals, even in savanna or in the village, you are very curious about all of them. It is fun(ny) to see you are getting closer to them but stepping back when they are get close to you — do you remember all those monkeys, deers, cows, cats, etc? — You are very active and talkative. You run after the flying butterfly; You ask about everything, literally. I doubt that this phase starts at 2? Whatever it is, we are happy to see your curiosity, as they said, “Curiosity is the lust of the mind.” We believe, your curiosity will take to what you’re looking for, #DearAriella.


Tracing Back Ijen Crater

When we hiked up to Ijen Crater, which would averagely need 2 hours for adults to reach the crater, you also want to do the same. And we do such a very great record to reach it within 3 hours, really! With a 2-year-old! Everybody that passed us seeing you always say that you are so great, #DearAriella. And they are right.


Kid on mountain

1. Before its time to hike the Ijen Crater, you are very enthusiastic to say “Lala mau naik gunung!” (Lala wants to hike up to the mountain!). It’s not that you don’t know what mountain is, because you always point out a mountain and say “itu gunung” (that is a mountain). It is such an amazingly huge spirit in such a small 2-year-old soul for such a big mountain! If you keep this enthusiasm in what you do in life, please believe that it is the key of happiness, and with just a little bit of faith, you can really move a mountain.


Kid Hiking Trekking

2. You are very determined to walk by yourself instead of being carried, and it is the first time we see you hate your Ergo Baby Carrier so much. When you are tired, we know that you hate yourself so much to ask us to carry you, as it is still very beginning of the path. It was hard time to all of us, particularly to avoid that tantrums happen during the hike. But we believe, this determination will take you far, #DearAriella, in every aspect of your life (including reaching the last step on the top of Ijen Crater with your own feet!) It will make you strong to deal with whatever happens in life.


Keep Going

3. When sprinkle of rain falls down, we put your Hello Kitty rain coat and you start walking with your little feet. You don’t whine, you don’t stop, but you keep going. Even you are the one that made me embarrassed of myself that wants to give up just because such a small encounter along the way. Please keep being the inspiration for the people surrounding you, #DearAriella. Don’t stop, keep going.


Best Dad

4. Please be sure that, you have the best dad in the world. Sorry, I mean, in the whole galaxy. You are so lucky to have this man who has routinely done sports in the last few weeks to keep himself fit during this travel, because he had known that this time will come: he carried you and put you on his shoulder when you don’t want to be put inside the carrier as usual. And he did this for approximately 2 km UPHILL! Not only that, he’s also the one who always encourage mom to not giving up in the middle of the way. He is such a great leader in our family, and please keep in mind that all he wants is the happiness and safety of our family. Please recall this when your boyfriend comes to ask his permission for dating.


Play inside the tent

5. During the trip, you mostly cough, and sniff, but you still enjoy the trip with your running nose. When it’s too cold to stay outside, you don’t mind to stay inside the tent and play with your toys, yes, you know how to entertain yourself. During the hike, you wanted to poo (not in the diapers) and did it well when we put you behind a big rock to do it. Well, you cry a bit and that’s ok, totally ok to cry. But the most important thing, you enjoy and live the moment gratefully. It is not something ordinary, but it is extraordinary to have such a big heart, #DearAriella. When you have any big problems in life, trace this moment in Ijen with us, and ask Him for even a bigger space in your heart to be thankful of what you have instead of what you don’t have.


All is said. Just one reminder:
Since you were born, we always try to remind ourselves, every single day, that, we will let you decide your own life, even if it means you don’t like traveling as much as we do. Well, try to remind us about this when you are about to choose your subject for school. But now, since we are free to do anything to you, we try to start and do it right by following our passion. So, it’s not something you should be following in the future, but if you become addicted to it, please, just don’t blame us as well. 


Above all, we love you, #DearAriella. And you know you’ll always have a place in our heart, no matter where you go and what you do in the future. xx


Love, Papa & Mama”

27 Aug 2016



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