Itinerary Budget Kuliner Singapore Trip
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Itinerary Budget Kuliner Singapore Trip 4D3N

November 23, 2018

Itinerary Budget Kuliner Singapore Trip ini kami tulis berdasarkan catatan perjalanan kami pas babymoon (hamil Kai) ke Singapore 3D2N, tanggal 28 Juni-1 Juli 2018 yang lalu, dengan detail itinerary dan budget, termasuk kuliner. Oya, harap maklum ya agak campur-campur Bahasa Inggris, karena waktu terbatas (yang penting jadi posting dulu haha), jadi ada beberapa langsung copas dari catatan pribadi.

Flight & Simcard

Flight dapat promo ticket:
Air Asia PP Rp.4.134.600 untuk ber-3, termasuk bagasi 20 kg dan 3 kursi PP (Kamis 28 Juni – Minggu 1 Juli 2018)

Simcard beli di Traveloka, ambil di Changi Airport:
Data 4G 100GB + 500 minutes local call + 20 minutes international call + 100 SMS untuk 5 hari seharga Rp.125.000,-

Itinerary Budget Kuliner Singapore Trip

Itinerary Singapore 4D3N

1. Hari ke-1 (Kamis, 28 June 2018):

  • Landing at Changi. Air Asia 9 AM – 11.45 AM in Sgp (T4)
    Shuttle to T2: Pick up at Terminal 4 Arrival Hall; alight at Terminal 2 Door 1
  • Ambil simcard di Changi Recommends Counter (T2 arrival hall level 1 ouside changi airport baggage collection area) / Meet & Greet counter di dekat exit 3.
  • Beli MRT card di T2 sekalian top up sekitar SGD25 per kartu.
  • Airport shuttle bus to Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel: Arrival Hall T2 (Ground Transport Desk / WTS) opposite belt 37.
  • Check-in hotel (2.30PM)
    Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore
  • Lunch di No Signboard Seafood at Geylang
    Crab $66 (per kg $90)
    Barley ice $3
    Fried bun 8 pcs $5
    Total with service and GST $87.10
    Rate: 8.5 (dari 10)

    Chili Crab at No Signboard Seafood GeylangSource: (c)

    Chili Crab at No Signboard Seafood Geylang

  • Haji Lane, keren banyak toko lucu dan murah di gang gitu.
  • Makan es krim di Tom’s Palette, the texture is so smooth. We finished it within no time.
    Small cup of 2 flavors ice cream of Yuzu & salted egg yolk (they both are good!) $4
    Rate: 7.5

    Tom's Palette Ice Cream SingaporeSource: (c)

    Tom’s Palette Ice Cream

  • Makan dessert di Ah Chew Desserts:
    Mango pamelo sago $4.5
    Aloevera Strawbery in honeydew and lemon $4.4
    Mochi 4 pcs $2.4
    Total with GST $11.3
    Rate: 8

    Ah Chew DessertsSource: (c)

    Ah Chew Desserts

  • Balik ke hotel dan makan malem di hotel (karena gretong) haha..

2. Hari ke-2 (Jumat, 29 Juni 2018):

  • Sarapan di hotel
  • Ke Vivo City, karena langsung mau ke S.E.A Aquarium.
  • Makan Ya Kun Kaya Toast Vivo City:
    Kaya toast with butter – ala carte $2.4
    Tea-o $1.6
    Total $4

    Ya Kun Kaya ToastSource: (c)

    Ya Kun Kaya Toast

  • S.E.A Aquarium!
    Lala saw a lot of marine creatures, and learned a lot about what we can do to preserve the ocean! *LOVE*
    We bought the ticket online in You can compare the prices in some websites before buying (to get the cheapest price, haha!)
    Prices we got:
    Adult $35
    Kid under 4 yeaars old is FREE
    Rate: 8.5
  • Makan dulu di Pu Tien Restaurant di Vivo:
    Feng Hengwa Beehon – size M $19.5
    Total with service & GST $22.95
    Rate: 7.5

    Feng Hengwa Beehoon at Pu Tien Vivo CitySource: (c)

    Feng Hengwa Beehoon at Pu Tien Vivo City

  • Board on MRT, we reached China Town to explore the food. Culinary adventure was about to begin! 😀 (actually had been begun haha)
  • First stop was:
    Hong Lim Food Center at Upper Cross Street 531A
    Here, we’d like to try Outram Park Fried Kway Teow (stall #02-17) but too bad, it’s just sold out just when I reached them.So here I just posted their stall pic *sigh*
  • Tapi ga boleh putus asa dong, langsung move on ke list berikutnya:
    Tai Wah Pork Noodle #02-16
    Dry pork noodle $6
    Rate: 7.5

    Tai Wah Pork NoodleSource: (c)

    Tai Wah Pork Noodle

  • 335 Smith St Hawker
    Initially, what we wanted to try here were Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao stall #02-135, satay bee hon #02-112 and the 50s, but after seeing these stalls and listening to what our instict said, we skipped them and started looking manually.
  • If my first wish is chili crab, then this one is the second one: black carrot cake! :p
    We’ve got this in Super Mummy stall #02-103
    Total price $3
    Rate: 8

    Black Carrot CakeSource: (c)

    Black Carrot Cake

  • Fried dumpling in Ming Shan stall #02-93 with total price $5 for 10
    Rate: 8

    Fried DumplingSource: (c)

    Fried Dumpling

  • Because I could not get my fried kway teow in Hong Lim, so this one in Smith St was really inviting me to try.
    Cokles fried kway teow mee $3 (sorry, forgot the stall number, tapi ini letaknya di hook sebrangnya Super Mummy.
    Rate: 7.5

    Fried Kway Teow MeeSource: (c)

    Fried Kway Teow Mee

  • After Smith Road, actually we had 2 other hawkers to visit but it’s already 6 pm and our tummy have already given up. So, we went back to the hotel but stopped by at the nearby popular Katong Laksa 328:
    Laksa small $5.5
    Nasi lemak $2
    Otah $1.4
    Total with GST $8.9
    Rate: 7.5

    Katong Laksa 328Source: (c)

    Katong Laksa 328

  • Close to Katong Laksa 328, we saw a beautiful temple named Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple.
  • Trus kami balik ke hotel, makan malem di hotel.
    Seafood Claypot with Biryani Rice in Breez Bistro Grand Mercure Hotel, which includes lobster, squid, clamp, etc you can see in the photo. Find the pleasant suprising flavor of lobster ? A portion is enough for 2. Andd, you can enjoy it for only $26++
    Rate: 8.5

    Seafood Claypot with Biryani RiceSource: (c)

    Seafood Claypot with Biryani Rice

  • Temen datang ke hotel bawain ENG’s wantan noodle. Rate: 8

    Eng's Wantan NoodleSource: (c)

    Eng’s Wantan Noodle

3. Hari ke-3 (Sabtu, 30 Juni 2018):

  • Paginya, kami sarapan dulu di hotel. After breakfast in Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy with a fabulous view overlooking the sea. We got ready to check-out before exploring a little bit of the hotel surroundings in East Coast Rd / Katong area.
  • This area is well known for its peranakan culture and food, including these delicious Kim Choo Kueh Chang:
    Kim Choo Mini Salty Chang $1.2
    Nyonya Chang – sweet (big/mini) $3 / $1.2
    Salty Chang – salty $3 / $1.2
    XO Chang – complete ingredients $6 / $2
    Chili prawn chang (big) $3.5
    Rate: 8

    Kim Choo Kueh ChangSource: (c)

    Kim Choo Kueh Chang

  • Grabbed this on the cashier, forgot to ask the name. But in Indonesia, its look is very similar with “lemper”, but filled with dried shrimp (ebi) cooked with some paste, instead of chicken. It’s sooooo tasty! I like it soo much!
    Price $1.5
    Rate: 8
  • Walking around the beautiful peranakan houses in Katong area.
  • We checked-out and dropped our baggage to another accommodation in Balestier area, then proceeded to the KidsStop in Jurong.
Lihat Akomodasi kami di Balestier area (via Airbnb). Kalau mau pake airbnb, bisa pake link Airbnb kami untuk dapetin potongan $32 di trip pertama kamu. 
  • Pas jalan ke KidsStop, kami harus berjalan kaki dari halte bis pemberhentian. Nah, perut laper jadi makan dulu. Stop di food court makan:
    Thai wanton mee of Soi 19 in Jurong gateway. Yummy!
    Price $4 (regular size)
    Rate: 9

    Thai Wanton Mee at Soi 19Source: (c)

    Thai Wanton Mee at Soi 19

  • At the same foodcourt with the noodle, I had my second black carrot cake:
    Price $3
    Rate: 8 (always 8 rating from me haha)

    Another Black Carrot CakeSource: (c)

    Another Black Carrot Cake

  • And…we then arrived in: kidsStop in Science Center! Look who’s the happiest here! We spent 3 hours in this place and let Lala play and experiment a lot of things. More like for fun than for learning though. Oya, perlu diingat, kantinnya tutup jam 2, selebihnya cuma bisa beli roti yang ada di etalasenya, ga bisa pesan yang ada di menu.
    We bought the ticket online in because it’s cheaper than Klook. But still, you have to compare the prices in some websites before buying (to get the cheapest price, haha!)
    Prices we got:
    Adult $10
    Kids $8
    Rate: 8
  • Abis itu, kami cus ke Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.
  • In the crowded MBS food court, this is one of the must-eat dishes on the list: bak kut teh.
    Ng Ah Sio bak kut teh set for 2 person, including combo bak kut teh with spare & pork rib, preserved vegetables, fried you tiao, braised big intestine and tau kua pok
    Total price with GST $32.8
    They have some other locations though.
    Rate: 8.5

    Ng Ah Sio Ba Kut TehSource: (c)

    Ng Ah Sio Ba Kut Teh

  • And finally, we closed the day by watching the amazing Spectra Light Water Show at Bayfront Avenue in Marina Bay Sands area.

4. Hari ke-4 (Minggu, 1 Juli 2018):

  • Breakfast in our airbnb area. In this 4th/last day in Sgp, we decided not to go to the hawker, instead, we searched some potential delicious small restaurant. But still, hawkers are better hahaha.. *emang mulut kampungan, kalo resto kurang sedep kyy
    Loy Kee Chicken Rice special set $9
    Char siew wanton noodles $6
    For drinks, our favorite in Singapore is homemade barley. We mostly order that one wherever we ate.
    Rate: 7.5

    Loy Kee Chicken Rice Special SetSource: (c)

    Loy Kee Chicken Rice Special Set

  • After checking-out from our airbnb, we grabbed a cab in the middle of the rain to take-away some recommended roasted duck and honey char siew from this stall (you can google its address).
    Yan Chuan Roaster
    Open 7AM-7PM
    Roasted duck $16
    Roasted chicken $12
    Roasted pork belly $20/kg
    Honey char siew $20/kg
    Rate: 8

    Yan Chuan RoasterSource: (c)

    Yan Chuan Roaster

  • From Yan Chuan, we took the MRT to Changi T2 then transferred to T4 with free airport shuttle bus. There, we had lunch and Lala run around to spend her energy out (so that she can snooze on the plane)
  • Changi T4 food court
    Geylang prawn noodles $7.5
    Rate: 7.5

    Geylang Prawn NoodleSource: (c)

    Geylang Prawn Noodle

  • Changi T4 foodcourt
    Char kway tiao $5.8
    Rate: 8

    Char Kway TiaoSource: (c)

    Char Kway Tiao

  • Lastly but not the least, we left Singapore in tired yet happy tummies. Thanks to God as trip was truly full of blessed; also, we left in the morning before Mount Agung was erupted, and the airport’s already opened when we got home. Thanks for Lala and little one who’ve been good *almost* all the time. Lala said, “I like Singapore and don’t want to go home yet”. Four days are certainly too short, so we’ll be back next time!

Budget Singapore 4D3N


  • Pesawat & Sim Card = 4.3 juta
  • Makan SGD 300 = 3 juta
  • Transport (bis, MRT, taxi, dll) SGD 100 = 1 juta
  • Attraction (tiket masuk) SGD 100 = 1 juta
  • Akomodasi = 0 (karena pake voucher)
  • Belanja = ~0 (karena gak hobi haha)

Total all-in untuk 2 adults + 1 anak <4 tahun = 9.3 juta 


Kalau mau cari tiket online untuk attraction maupun voucher makanan, cobain ke website/apps ini:


Semoga informasinya bermanfaat ya! 🙂

XO, Diana
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    December 4, 2018

    So Far klo ke Singapore belum ada agenda khusus untuk kuliner, selama ini jadi selingan saja. Next ke Singapore, khusus untuk Kulienran saja. enak enak tuh. kebetulan Air Asia juga ada promo sweet 17 ke Singapore. cobain ahhh


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