Bali Safari & Marine Park Review
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Bali Safari & Marine Park Review

February 17, 2016

This Bali Safari & Marine Park Review is on Feb 2016, on Valentine’s day. It’s such romantic day to spend with family and lovely animals, isn’t it? 🙂

PS: This not sponsored post, and based on our personal opinion

So basically, this Park is located in Gianyar, Bali, around 40 minutes from the Airport by car with no traffic. But they have free shuttle for particular packages. Here’s our review.


Bali Safari & Marine Park Review

  1. Educational
    In every show, they have educational content to present to audience. It is presented in an entertaining ways so kids would love it too! In the Park, kids actually can learn a lot, through playing and fun. They learn about animals behaviour, where animals come from, what animals eat, what is extinction and how to resolve it; they also learn about affection, empathy, how to feed the animals, etc. One of the most important thing is that: they spend quality time with us, the parents, friends and family!
  2. Fun
    Bali Safari & Marine Park is not only about the zoo and animals, but it’s fun! There are 2 entertainments: Fun Zone & Waterpark. Kids can play amusement rides and splash during the hot day! It’s so fun to see Lala passing the suspension bridge nervously, laughing out loud in the Carousel, and I’m sure she’ll gone wild if we play Waterpark too.
  3. Adventurous
    Many attractions are designed in the sense of adventure. Of course, it is in the zoo! Safari Journey to see animals in the wild, or Jungle Cruise to explore the park above water? Your call.


Itinerary, Show, Schedule, and Tips

Let’s Start with Some Tips

  1. You can walk-in, but if possible, avoid Monday as there’s no Bali Agung show on Monday.
  2. No outside food and drinks are allowed, unless baby’s milk or porridge.
  3. In rainy season, make sure you bring small umbrella to save your day in the park. At least you can go to one point to another to avoid wasting time.
  4. If you have Denpasar ID, go on Galungan or Kuningan Day to get 50% discount on local rate for Jungle Hopper package.
  5. With numerous attractions in this park, you might want to come as early as possible to have enough time to enjoy it all. Make sure you have enter the park before 10 AM to enjoy all show.


Itinerary with Schedule

To save you a lot of time, we have made some itinerary which we’ve experimented before. Hope it’s useful!

10.30 AM:
See Piranha Feeding Time at Fresh Water Aquarium.

11.00 AM:
See Animal Show at Hanuman Stage. Show up at least 10 minutes in advance to get nice seats.

11.20 AM:
On the way to Big Cat Show, stop for a while to see Elephant Bathing in Ganesha Court.

11.30 AM:
See Big Cat Show.

12.00 PM:
See Elephant Conservation and Educational Show at Kampung Gajah.

12.30 PM:
Stop for Elephant Ride (for Elephant Back Safari Package), or heading out directly from Kampung Gajah, by at Petting Zoo to ride pony, pet the goat, deer, rabbits, hamsters, etc.

12.50 PM:
Having lunch. There are some restaurants available, but we always have ours at Uma Restaurant because its price is reasonable with good food. But if you want to enjoy eating with lion, you can come to Tsavo Lion Restaurant. After lunch, we still have some time so we go to Fun Zone to see around.

– Dragon & Leopard packages include lunch at Uma resto
– Rhino package includes lunch at Tsavo Lion resto

2 PM:
Heading to Bali Agung Show to get a good seat. Show starts at 2.30 PM at Bali Theatre.

Bali Agung Show Review
Read here for Bali Agung full review & tips


3.30 PM:
Finish Bali Agung Show, head out to start Safari Journey, an adventurous ride through the wild.

4.00 PM:

  • Head out to Fun Zone to enjoy some amusement rides.
  • Enjoy Jungle Cruise
  • Then head to Waterpark and splash! This is such a perfect time and way to end your safari journey with refreshing waterpark. We regret that we didn’t bring any swimming clothes to jump into the water. But next time, we will! 🙂


Bali Safari & Marine Park Price & Facilities

For local or KITAS holders rate, please call them directly.

Rates & Packages

  • Adventure Safari | USD 39/ person (after 2 PM)
  • Jungle Hopper | USD 55/ person (the most basic & recommended package)
  • Dragon Safari | USD 75/ person (+ lunch at Uma resto from Jungle)
  • Elephant Back Safari | USD 85/ person (+ welcome drink, elephant ride, animal photo, souvenir from Dragon)
  • Leopard | USD 105/ person (+ gold seat Bali Agung & unlimited rides, from Elephant)
  • Rhino | USD 145/ person (+ best seats on all show, lunch at Tsavo Lion resto, the top package)
  • Bali Night Safari | USD 75/ person

Infant: below 3 years old
Child: between 3-12 years old
Adult: above 12 years old
Prices include all government tax


Bali Safari & Marine Park Facilities

  • Restaurant & Cafe
  • Souvenir shops
  • Nursing Room
  • Praying Room
  • Baby Stroller & wheelchair (rent Rp.100.000,- per day)
  • Clinic
  • Parking
  • Free Shuttle for Leopard and Rhino packages. You need to reconfirm your pick up time and location on 24 hours prior to arrival. Call their number on the info box below this post.


Bali Safari & Marine Park

Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19,8, Kec. Gianyar, Bali 80551
Location: See map direction
Opening Hour: Everyday 9 AM – 5 PM
Phone: (+62) 361 751300


Bird on Bali Safari Marine Park

Bird on Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park Review

Pony ride on petting zoo

Safari Journey in Bali Safari Marine Park

Safari Journey

Fresh Water Aquarium Bali Safari Marine Park

Fresh Water Aquarium

Petting Zoo Bali Safari Marine Park

Petting Zoo

Elephant Bali Safari Marine Park

Kampung Gajah

Jungle Cruise Bali Safari Marine Park

Jungle Cruise

Roller coaster in Fun Zone

Roller coaster in Fun Zone

Fun Zone Bali Safari Marine Park

Fun Zone

Iconic Elephant Statue in Bali Safari

Iconic Elephant Statue in Bali Safari

Bali Theatre Lounge

Bali Theatre Lounge

Waterpark Bali Safari Marine Park



If you find the itinerary, and all information above useful, the good seeds by spreading the words through sharing button below! Enjoy your safari! 🙂

XO, Diana
  1. Maria Alphonsa

    February 21, 2016

    Me sooo excited for bring Emily first outdoor activity. Hopefully can do it sooon! Keep writing and main2 Jkt yaaaa ? ~Emily (8mo) mommy

  2. angie

    July 9, 2016

    Thank you so much for giving the itinerary 🙂

    GBU : )

  3. Diana Suciawati

    July 9, 2016

    Sama-sama, Angie. Semoga berguna ya. Have fun! GBU too 🙂

  4. tesyasblog

    October 31, 2016

    Hai Mba Diana, just found your blog, I blog about our family trip as well.
    Duh, aku belum ke Bali Safari, semoga next time ke Bali bisa berkunjung. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Diana Suciawati

    November 2, 2016

    Hi Mba, salam kenal. Kita juga follow mba lho di IG haha.. Iya, Bali Safari asiik, ada waterpark sama area bermain mini kaya dufan gitu. Bisa seharian, trus abis dari sana anak2 lgs tidur deh, hahahhaa..
    Sekali lagi salam kenal yah, semoga suatu saat kita bisa ketemu atau kolaborasi. 🙂

  6. mariyana

    May 15, 2018

    Waahhh ini dia tulisan yang dicari2…. thanks for sharing ya mbak, kebetulan mau ke bali pas lebaran sama suami & anak.
    Keep on writing your travel experience with your little family ya, as i too, have a toddler and want to travel as much as we could hehehe…

    GBU and your family mbak Diana 🙂

  7. Eko Octavianus

    May 21, 2018

    Makasi banyak Mba udah mampir ke blog kami, semoga tulisannya membantu : )
    Selamat berlibur dan makasi banyak doanya


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