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Hong Kong Observation Wheel Review: The Giant on the Harbour

April 23, 2016

Hong Kong Observation Wheel review is made based on our visit on 19 April 2016. Price may change without notice, please kindly double-check with its official website.

Hong Kong Attraction

Basically, we don’t have this kind of giant wheel in where we live, so we want to let Ariella try seeing Hong Kong from the ‘sky’. Some Hong Kong Observation Wheel review on other websites said it’s too expensive for such short duration, but we find it ok for one-time try.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel Ticket

  • Adult : HKD 100
  • Children under 12 : HKD 70
  • Children under 3 : FREE
  • Senior above 65 : HKD 50
  • Some express and VIP cabins are also available.
  • Click here for official tickets & prices.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel Duration

Prices stated is for 3 times orbit. Time depends on the traffic of the passengers. But when we come, there’s no queue and all goes well and quite fast.

How to Buy

You can buy on the spot, or online at their official website. The ticket is valid for 30 days after buying.

Opening Hour

10 AM to 11 PM, unless international public holiday, please check to them directly.

But if there’s inclement weather arrangements of Typhoon signal No. 3 or above, Hong Kong Observation Wheel will be closed and remain closed until the warning is cancelled.

When to Visit

We read some Hong Kong Observation Wheel review that says the best time to visit is during evening, when you can see Hong Kong city lights. Since we are busy for appointments during night time, we have to skip night time. We admit that Hong Kong has so many too offer during night time, including seeing the city light from Victoria Park, and enjoying the A Symphony of Lights, which unfortunately, we don’t have time to enjoy.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel Review

In one line: it is quite well-spent.

The sensation to be the top of Hong Kong without your foot stepping on the land is kind of different. When we first saw it, Lala was soooo excited. She said “YES!” to get into it. We bought the tickets, got into the cabin, then the cabin started moving upwards. Well, this was the time Lala started to cry 😀

This is quite interesting since I thought kids don’t have too sentimental feelings of scared. They always want to try something new, see what happens next if they do this or that, experiment to get some responses, etc. Well, so it’s pretty clear that it’s quite scary, LOL!

Luckily, after 1 orbit, she started to calm down and enjoying the view. She started to want step down by herself, not only sit on Papa’s lap. We took selfie, and we told Lala about what’s this and that, where it was, and where we were, and try to enjoy the wheel as we could, though I’m also a bit scared when we were on the very top of the wheel. :p

From the cabin of 60-meters tall, we can see the tall buildings, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, and the whole Central area where it’s located. It has some emergency button to call the staff downstairs if you have some emergencies happen above. We see some stairs are also available to evacuate if something happen. Overall, from the safety, I think it’s pretty convincing.

We’re also quite proud that we’re getting there from Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden by bus that I find the route through some useful sites. Click below to read on How to Get around in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Observation Wheel
Address: 33 Man Kwong St, Central, Hong Kong
How to get there
Map location
Official website


That’s all about our Hong Kong Observation Wheel review. If it helps you, please spread out the news or feel free to bookmark this link at your convenient.

XO, Diana
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  1. Joyce

    January 6, 2020

    Great review about observation wheel and Price looking very cheap thanks for write this article.


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