What to Do on Nyepi Day Bali
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What to Do on Nyepi Day Bali with Family

February 3, 2016

What to do on Nyepi Day Bali with family? On this Day of Silence, Bali will turn into a totally quiet island, with no lighting, no fires, no working, no TV or entertainment, and for some, no talking or eating at all. While some Hindu-Balinese do some meditation and prayer, tourists and non-Hindu mostly enjoy the peace and silence.

However, although Nyepi is primarily Hindu holiday, but non-Hindu residents and tourists should comply with the restrictions. All public facilities are closed from 6 AM to 6 AM the next morning. Everyone should stay inside the home, hotel, and only Pecalang can do the patrol to look after security in the neighbourhood.

Then, if you are living or visiting Bali around this time, what can you do on Nyepi Day in Bali with family?

What to Do on Nyepi Day Bali

1. Nyepi Promo

On Nyepi, many hotels in Bali have promo price which is quite cheap. The packages are usually include 3 days 2 nights stay, with or without meal inclusion since the guests cannot eat outside on Nyepi Day. These are usually quite good deals, even for the permanent residents in Bali.


2. Watching the Stars

On Nyepi night, when the electricity are all off, the sky becomes extremely clear without any pollution. Millions of stars are showing up in Bali sky. On the entire black island, go outside and be ready to get amazed with the beauty of the galaxy.


3. Ogoh-ogoh Parade

The evening before Nyepi Day (or Nyepi Eve), there is Nyepi or Ogoh-ogoh Parade in almost all parts of Bali. Balinese men and boys carry the statues they have made before, and walk it around with traditional music background. This extravagant parade is one of the Bali’s must-to-see.


4. Enjoy Quality Time

For Hindu, Nyepi can mean a religious day. But for non-Hindu, Nyepi Day can be a life-changing event. It is a perfect moment when you can do self-reflection, evaluation, or spending quality time with your family and friends more intimately. If you really want to feel the real Nyepi Day, no gadget and electronic would be awesome to spend more quality time to talk, play, and share with family, including with partner or kids.

Nyepi 2016: 9th of March
Nyepi 2017: 28th March
Nyepi 2018: 17th March

See Nyepi dates in coming years


Facts about Nyepi Day Bali

On Nyepi Day, from 6 AM to 6 AM the next morning, the roads are off limit for any vehicles and people (unless Pecalang), all public facilities are closed (including airport and harbour), beach is prohibited, all outdoor activities are restricted, all audio & entertainment should be turned down to a minimum volume, all activities that can cause any noisy voice are restricted.

One day before Nyepi, usually offices, banks, stores are starting to close at afternoon around 3 PM. Make sure you have bought anything you need during Nyepi Day, including food, drinks, cash, medicine, etc.


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