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Baby Food when Traveling for Healthy Options

July 7, 2015

Baby food when traveling is tricky part, particularly if you want to provide homemade and healthy food. Here we share our best tips to make it much more simple.

We started to bring Ariella to travel when she’s 3 months old. It is so much easier to handle because she’s still breastfeeding. When she started her solid food in the earlier months (6+ months), it’s also easy because it is still in puree food, and we can just order from restaurant: fresh fruit juice without ice, sugar, or milk, and with very little water.

But when she’s now 10 months old, and when we’ll be traveling and staying all the time in the hotel, I started to freak out. How come I make baby food for her without stove, microwave, or any kitchen tools? But it is not as complicated as it seems. Here’s our tips to bring and make baby food when traveling.


Baby Food when Traveling: EGG

You can bring a couple of eggs from home, stored in food container 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 5 cm padded with tissue, so it won’t be broken. In the hotel, you can use the electric kettle to boil the egg in the morning, and bring it in the container. Voila! Boiled egg is ready for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Baby Food when Traveling: CARBO

You can consider some options for baby food when traveling that I usually do:

  • Bring some pasta from home, and cook it in electric kettle, and bring them in small food container.
  • Buy some bread.
  • Buy some buns (with non-meat fillings)

Then, carbo part is solved!


Baby Food when Traveling: FRUIT

Buy or take some from the hotel during breakfast time. Reccommended fruits are banana. Easy to bring, perfectly healthy for baby. If no banana available, other fruits are okay, like apple, pear, papaya, melon, anything. Store it in the small food container. Ready to go!


Baby Food when Traveling: MEAT or VEGGIE

For this one, you have to be quite flexible. See the options in the hotel during breakfast time, or order some food you can eat as well during lunch or dinner in the restaurant. There must be something you both can share, like steamed meat/veggie, non-spicy grilled chicken, fish/chicken porridge, corn chicken soup, or just simple meat stirred with veggie. These options are perfect for baby food when traveling. If you feel guilty, you can always compensate for healthier food when you get back home 😉

One time, I took omelette and deep fried potato cakes during breakfast in the hotel. I tried my best to eat the outside part (because it is deep-fried and oily), and give the inside part to Ariella. 


Baby Food when Traveling: SNACKS

For snacks, biscuits are the best choice (Ariella loves it so much). But since it is not too healthy (since it contains much sugar), I also bring stick cheese for baby/kids. This two wonders always work well during the meal break.


DOs & DON’Ts

  • Avoid something spicy;
  • Avoid something raw or half-done;
  • No Junk food;
  • Make sure to check the ingredients to avoid allergy;
  • Only use BPA-free food container;
  • Carefully check out the lid for food container. Not all containers are suitable to bring baby food when traveling. Test by filling with water then turn it upside down to find whether it leaks or not.


Well, I hope it works for you, too! How about you? Do you have some particular tips on baby food when traveling? Would love to know!

XO, Diana


Eko, Diana & Ariella
Bali, Indonesia

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