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Visesa Ubud Resort Bali: Great Resort with Local Atmosphere

May 25, 2018

When we arrived in one hotel for staycation, we usually never put any expectation, including in Visesa Ubud Resort Bali. But since the first time we stepped into the resort, we’ve never been so happy so constantly till the end of our stay. We’ll tell you why.

What Amazed Us in Visesa Ubud Resort Bali

Indonesian Culturally Rich Resort

Besides the ‘welcome drinks’ welcoming you, Visesa Ubud Resort Bali, which is located in the 6.5 ha area, will also have a welcome ceremony for guests, which is very traditionally unique and can make you feel so culturally welcomed. All staffs also wear ‘kebaya’ or Balinese local outfit, including the gardeners wearing only sarong, t-shirt and traditional farming hat. If you carefully pay attention, you would also notice that the arrangement of the rooms, pavilions, and villas also resemble the original Balinese village.

Welcoming CeremonySource: (c)

Welcoming Ceremony

Therefore, if you want to feel the local Balinese atmosphere while staying in the resort with international facilities / standard, Visesa Ubud Resort Bali would be the right answer.


It is no secret that the accommodations in Bali are continuously growing, which impact on the environment and neighbourhood of the accommodation. But Visesa Ubud Resort Bali manages to build, run, operate, and maintain its resort aligning with its surroundings: no wall between the accommodation and the neighbours’ rice fields, the same waterways with the neighbours’ (so the water can keep running through all the rice fields without being blocked by the accommodation), seed local plants (including rice) inside their resort complex, and nurture local animals in the farm.

Additionally, in the farm of Visesa Ubud Resort Bali, they also make their own compost for the farm which is used to fulfil the resort and restaurant’s needs. Even one of the staffs told us, when last time they harvested the nuts, they have soooo much nuts that not only guests, but every staffs also get their shares. In conclusion, we think this resort is very caring and responsible for its existence, including to its surroundings and all the staffs.


Visesa Ubud Resort Bali Reviews

Our Stay

We stayed in Two Bedroom Pool Sky Villa where we have the highest floor to view the entire resort complex and an open space overlooking a lush greenery. Two of our rooms are all equipped with exquisite facilities and amenities, including smart phone docking stations, coffee maker, in-room safes, and 40″ LED Smart TV to make Lala feels entertained for a while when we’re packing our bag.

Not to mention, this is the best bedroom you can have in the resort: private space, your own swimming pool, and the great view! We felt so relaxed spending our quality time in our villa, Lala and Papa jumped a couple of time to the pool which was very exciting, and we just needed to head out to the lobby for the shuttle or to the farm for the activities.

Desa Visesa RoomSource: (c)

Desa Visesa BathroomSource: (c)

Desa Visesa Private Sky PoolSource: (c)

Desa Visesa Fitness CenterSource: (c)

Desa Visesa PoolSource: (c)

The last but not the least, Visesa Ubud Resort Bali has great facilities, including:

  • Public pool
  • Fitness centre
  • Luxury spa
  • Souvenir shop
  • Permaculture farm
  • Four restaurants in resort complex

Lunch at Lumbung Restaurant

On one fine afternoon, we had lunch in one of the restaurants in Visesa Ubud Resort Bali: Lumbung Restaurant. This particular restaurant serves Indonesian authentic and traditional home cooking to preserve Indonesian culinary heritage. You can see Lumbung Restaurant Menu in their website for mouth-watering cuisine.

Udang Goreng Sambal Pete (fried tiger prawn with sambal and bitter beans)Source: (c)

Udang Goreng Sambal Pete (fried tiger prawn with sambal and bitter beans)

Lumbung Restaurant Kangkung Cah BalacanSource: (c)

Tumis Kangkung Belacan (stir-fried water spinach with shrimp paste sambal)

We ordered Udang Goreng Sambal Pete (fried tiger prawn with sambal and bitter beans) and Tumis Kangkung Belacan (stir-fried water spinach with shrimp paste sambal) for us, and Nasi Goreng (fried rice) for Lala. As Indonesian, we can say the dish has really authentic taste and flavour, and beautifully presented in cozy restaurant surrounded by tropical jungle greenery. <3

Resort Activities

Don’t be afraid you have nothing to do in the Visesa Ubud Resort Bali, as they have plenty of activities in the resort for the guests — either adults or kids.

Desa Visesa Daily Activity ScheduleSource: (c)

Desa Visesa Kids ActivitySource: (c)

Some daily life activities are free, such as:

  • Animal caring
  • Making offering & offering procession
  • Permaculture tour & activities:
    Ploughing; Cow Bathing; Cow Feeding; Seeding/Nursery; Planting; Maintaining; Harvesting
  • Dance & gamelan
  • Pool pampering

Some activities require additional charges, such as:

  • Village cycling
  • Nature trekking
  • Advance yoga
  • Balinese dance & gamelan lesson
  • Handicraft lesson
  • Permaculture course
  • Royal dress up
  • Balinese dress up
  • Making gebongan

Besides such activities, they also have other special events and packages, such as:

  • Balinese Living Arts Performance (which are remarkable!)
  • Afternoon tea at Subak Lounge
  • Picnic tepi sawah at Rare Angon
  • Balinese cooking class at Warung Tani
These activities are available both for in-house guests and visitors. For visitors, you can directly contact Visesa Ubud Resort Bali for information and reservation.

We joined most of the (free) activities, and you can see below who enjoyed it the most ?

Feeding The CowSource: (c)

Feeding The Cow

Baby Lettuce : )Source: (c)

Baby Lettuce : )

FarmingSource: (c)


Great Access

Visesa Ubud Resort Bali is located in Jalan Suweta, Ubud. But what makes us really comfortable is that, they have free regular shuttle service to Ubud Center (near Puri Ubud and Ubud Market) for all guests, and the times are very convenient as well. You can spend from half to 2,5 hours downtown. Besides, the Visesa Ubud Resort Bali is also one of the stops for Ubud Line Kura-Kura Bus Bali.

Desa Visesa Shuttle Bus ScheduleSource: (c)

To summarize, to be honest, we really think Visesa Ubud Resort Bali is one of the greatest resorts in Bali. You should give it a try for at least 2 nights when you are in Bali!

Visesa Ubud Resort Bali

Address: Bentuyung Sakti, Jl. Suweta, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571
Phone: +62 361 2091788


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