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Banyumala Waterfall

September 28, 2016

Yesterday I took Lala for another camping trip to Lake Buyan, but before that I drove to explore Banyumala Waterfall near there. We passed this waterfall signboard during our las trip to Munduk waterfall, so this time I decided to visit this waterfall that known as a twin waterfall.

How to Get Banyumala Waterfall

Banyumala waterfall is around 65 km or 2 hour driving from Denpasar. It is located in Munduk area near Bedugul, not to far after Lake Buyan we will meet a small junction that direct us to Gitgit / Singaraja or to Seririt. Turn left to Seririt direction and you already arrive at Munduk village, the road is quite narrow and you can see Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan on the left side. Just follow the main road around 3 km until you meet a big waterfall signboard on the left side, after that you need to follow a 3 km small down road (most look like an alley) to the parking area. You need to pay IDR 5,000 per car for parking. Google Map.

After that you need to walk down around 300 meters or 20 minutes to reach the waterfall, just follow the path then turn left on the first junction you meet, until you meet a locket to pay an entrace fee, but no worries since there are a sign to direct you to the waterfall. Entrance fee to this waterfall is IDR 15,000 per person.

What to Do and Tips in Banyumala Waterfall

Different with Munduk waterfall, this waterfall has a “pool” so we can dip into the water to feel the freshness from the water. You can swim, floating or “shower” from the waterfall here since it has many small waterfall around the main one. But be carrefull when you step here, some stones are quite slippery, better to use like a booties if you have.

banyumala trekking back

Trekking back to the locket











banyumala waterfall trekking

You can walk near to some of waterfall










Trekking to Banyumala Waterfall also quite challenging, the path after the entrance fee locket is quite difficult and steep. You can walk near to the top of one waterfall and some water are flow on the path. It is better if you use a stick to help you during the trekking and also better to use a shoes than a slippers.

Cheers, Eko



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