Travel Activities Baby under 1 Year Old (Part 2)
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Travel Activities Baby under 1 Year Old (Part 2)

July 13, 2015

This Travel Activities Baby under 1 Year Old (Part 2) post is a part of Travel Activities Baby under 1 Year Old (Part 1).

When #DearAriella was sleeping, last night we finished this project for her travel activities on the plane or roadtrip. After long research about travel activities for baby under 1 year old, we have come up with some diy that – we think – suitable for #DearAriella. Even if you’re not fancy of craft, these activities are great for you as well. So, here are what I design and make for her (see numbers in picture for reference).

Travel Activities Baby under 1 Year Old (Part 2)

Travel Activities Baby under 1 Year Old (Part 2)

7. We loveeee this! Eko created simple picture on the craft felt (kain flannel), cut it, and we stick them with velcro, so Ariella can either just play with the pieces or recreate the whole picture. Got this from pinterest. We had tons of fun when creating this. 🙂 8. Felt ring chain. We stick small velcro to the end of each strip on opposite sides. She can learn about texture, color, use them as bracelet, or even make roads! Also from pinterest.

9. Have colorful ribbon and thinking that she might love to experiment with blowing, catching, pulling, touching. We can blow this ribbons in front of her and she can try to catch or touch it. This is my original creation.

10. When she’s bigger, she can learn about counting the dots on the dice. But for now, holding, touching and grabbing these little things are fun enough for her. My original creation.

11. These stickers have 2 functions: 1) to learn about body parts by sticking the stickers on her leg, hands and mention the name of the body parts, 2) as a substitute for the windows gels. So we can stick them to the plane or car windows and this activity is appropriate for all ages. Got this from pinterest.


Well, I guess we are now ready for the lonngg trip! 😉

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XO, Diana


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